Kafar Gonbad Dome
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Kafar Gonbad Dome

in Qazvin city | Qazvin province
Tourist Attraction

Kafar Gonbad Dome

Related to Qazvin city (Qazvin Province)
Also known as: Kafar Dome, Kafar Gonbad
Kafar Gonbad Dome
This octagonal dome is located near the village of Aloulak and Niraq. The plinth of the construction is made of stone, and other parts are of brick.

In the middle of three sides of it there are three doorways or entrances. The arches of northern and western entrance are steep. On the eastern wall, there is a portal in a crescent form. Currently, the circular dome or the remains of its cover is apparent on the top of the construction. Within the structure in the center of each side there is a false arch with a sharpened end.

Between the two false arches and on the top of supports of each corner, a plaster frame work has been affixed, and reinforced with brick. Thus the construction takes a circular formation. The same is a relic of the 6th of 7th century AH.
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Kafar Gonbad Dome
Kafar Gonbad Dome
Kafar Gonbad Dome
Kafar Gonbad Dome
Kafar Gonbad Dome
Kafar Gonbad Dome
Kafar Gonbad Dome
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