Minab City

in Hormozgan province
The township of Minab lies in the north of Hormoz Strait, and is at a distance of 1,616 km. from Tehran. It has a mountainous terrain towards the north and east, whilst the plains are located in its central and western sectors. Minab experiences a warm and humid climate and its agricultural lands are irrigated by the Minab River. Its historical past mingles with that of the ancient city of Hormoz, which historians believe to be related to Ardeshir Babakan Sassanid.

In the year 1000 AD., one of the Sheikhs of Oman by the name of Mohammad took advantage of the discontentment of the inhabitants in respect to the ruler of the times, occupied Bandar-e-Hormoz. In 1300 AD. the Mongols invaded this city, thus forcing the Amir (governor) of Hormoz and its inhabitants to flee to the current Island of Hormoz. During the years 1793-1804, the Soltan of Oman, Soltan Ebne Ahmad came to power with the help of the Britain in 'Gouatre', and tried to refrain from disputes towards the Iranian rule, but at the same time tried to gain control over Bandar Abbas and Minab.

Due to internal involvement, Aqa Mohammad Khan was unable to fortify his power in the south during this period. Thence the ruler of Oman took the seat in the areas of Qeshm and Hormoz. But in the year 1852 AD. a treaty was drawn up to the effect that the coastal lands, Islands of Iran along with Minab city be returned back to Iran. The Hazareh (Bibi Minoo) castle is the most important historical vestige of this township.
Minab - Hormozgan
Hazareh Castle (Bibi Minoo) - Minab
Minab - Hormozgan
Minab Bazaar - Hormozgan
Minab - Hormozgan
Minab - Hormozgan
Minab - Hormozgan
The only historical structure and monument in Minab city is the Hazareh Castle. It is believed that the city was constructed by two sisters named Bibi Minoo and ...
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This river is formed by adjoining of two rivers of Roudan and Joqeen. These two rivers meet near the village of Borjegan, 25 km. south east of Minab city. The Minab ...
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