Neka City

NEKA This township is located to the southeast of Sary and in the fringes of the Caspian Sea, and close to the city of Behshahr. The said city is also considered as an industrial locality in the northern territory. Not much is known about this area in geographical or historical accounts of the past, that is till the Qajar dynasty. But in the geographical records of the early Islamic period, the name Mirdan a city near the current city of Neka has been mentioned. Deh Khoda has mentioned the River Neka in his encyclopedia. It seems that Neka was a vicinity or 'block' comprising of various rural settlements.

The present Neka has sprung up from the village of 'Naranj', alongside a bridge on Neka River within the past 70 years. Due to the railway line running across this area, and suitable network of communications, together with the establishment of the wood industry, oil reservoirs and an electric power plant, the area is one of the important developing centers of the province. Furthermore, Neka has a beautiful coastline and is near the Peninsula of Miankaleh.
Neka Forests
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