Razan City

in Hamadan province
The township of Razan is in the extreme north eastern part of Hamedan province and is the neighborhood of the Qazvin province. To the east and north of this township span the mountains of Noubaran, and the famous snow-bound Avaj Gorge is located in these mountains. This is the reason why this township has cold winters and mild, short summers. The city of Razan lies en route between Hamadan and Tehran, 83 km. from Hamadan and 250 km. from Tehran.Razan which was a part of Hamadan township, in the recent years has become itself a township.
Azhar-ebn-e Ali Mausoleum - Razan
Hood Mausoleum - Razan
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
This Imamzadeh is in the village of Yengi Qalleh in district of Razan. This twelve -sided structure is made of brick. The dome which most probably originally was ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
This structure is in the village of Darjezin, in Razan district. The said is a cylindrically shaped tower 20 m. in height and with 19 panels. It has a dome made ...
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