Rudan City

in Hormozgan province
Rudan (or Roodan) is one of the ancient vicinities in the province from the geographical point of view. In comparison to the other regions of the province this area has a pleasant climate. Its underground and surface water resources are on a relatively high level and this promotes agricultural activities in the area, and in the 4th century AH. this territory boasted of verdant regions. In the 8th century AH. its agricultural products were grain, cane sugar, grapes and similar yields. The surplus of which were exported to India via the port of Tiab in Minab. This township is devoid of any historical vestiges, but has natural beauty.
Abnama Bridge - Rudan
Waterfall - Rudan
Abnama Bridge - Rudan
Kamiz Historical Castle - Rudan
Baadafshan - Rudan
Baadafshan - Rudan
Sultan Muhammad Mausoleum - Rudan
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