Sahneh City

in Kermanshah province
Sahneh is located to the east of Kermanshah and has mountainous and temperate climate. The region of Sahneh was a part of the province but in recent years has been changed to an independent township. The limits of this region is one of the old and historical zones of this province and holds vestiges and monuments of the past periods. Sahneh is located en route of Kermanshah - Tehran Road and is at a distance of 586 km. from Tehran.
Sahneh - Kermanshah
Goor-Dakhmeh Sahneh (Gurdakhmeh Darband, Goor Dakhmeh Sahneh) is a large rectangular shaped crypt and a historical remnant near the city of Sahneh (Sahne) in Kermanshah ...
Category: Mausoleums
In the Darband area of the Sahneh township, between the mausoleum of Keikavous and Estoodan, there is a pilgrimage belonging to mystics which has a large inscription. ...
Category: Bridges
On the old road of Dinvar to Sahneh and between Baba Kamal and Ahmad Aaqa villages, on the old route of the Kangarshah River are the relics of the base of an ancient ...
Category: Historical Bath
This old bath is located in the Pachaman locality of Sahneh city. The entrance door of the bath faces south west and opens to a sarbineh or cloak room. The structure ...
The same is located in the Kandouleh Village, which is a suburb of the Dinvar distinct of the Sahneh township. It is situated on a hill called "Lamehqaleh" in northeastern ...
The Bezeh Roo castle is located at a distance of 50 km. to the north west of Sahneh amongst apple orchards. From the main castle (building), a row of rooms built ...
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