Tafresh City

in Markazi province
Tafresh is located in an arduous mountainous region. Its climate is mountainous and moderate. In the past Tafresh was called "Tabress" or "Gabresh", and later on it became Tafresh. It is 282 km. from Tehran. This township is an ancient one. Farahan is one of its districts. The Azargoshasb Fire Temple was located in the Farahan Village. Muster Hillock was also reputedly known as one of the 13 regions of "Qubad" the Sassanid. Furthermore, Farahan is the birthplace of many famous and historic Iranian poets and scholars.
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
The same is situated in the Shahvaraq Village, 25 km. south west of Tafresh, and is related to the Safavid peiod. The ceiling of the said structure is adorned with ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
This Imamzadeh is in the village of Hamzeqan (Tafresh). This structure comprises of a mausoleum, dome, three porches, four chambers and a courtyard. The structure ...
Category: Springs
The Gerav Mineral Water Spring is located 5 km. to the west of Tafresh. The water of this spring is good for disorders related to digestion, diabetes, uric acid. ...
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