Tangestan (Ahram) City

in Bushehr province
Tangestan is yet another townships of Bushehr the center of which is 'Ahram'. The famous fort of Tangestan lies in this township, the inhabitants of which are distinct for their loyalty to the country and chivalry. It is believed that the vicinity of 'Tedumari' in Tangestan is a reminder of a trading clan reputedly from central Asia ,i.e., the ancient 'Tedmer' and 'Palmir' tribes. It is evident that the coastal region of the Persian Gulf was an important trading and commercial center for traders belonging to different areas in the past.
 Rais-Ali Delvari Museum - Tangestan
Tangestan - Boushehr
Tangestan - Boushehr
Tangestan - Boushehr
Tangestan - Boushehr
 Rais-Ali Delvari Museum - Tangestan
 Rais-Ali Delvari Museum - Tangestan
Category: Villages
The word Ahram is a collegial form of the word 'Eram' meaning the 'Garden of Paradise'. As there are numerous citrus fruits, orchards and plenty of natural springs ...
Category: Springs
This spring is located near the city of Ahram, 63 km. on Bushehr - Bandar Abbas Road. There are two separate pools for gents and ladies.
This castle is to the north of Ahram and belongs to Zar Khezer Khan Tangestani and at present is the residence of his descendants. The castle includes four towers ...
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