Bafgh (Baafq) City

in Yazd province
This Bafgh city is located in the east of YAZD province. To its north is Ardakan and to its west is Mehreez. Bafq is situated at the north of the province of Kerman and in the west of Khorassan province. Bafq is located at 120 km. distance from the southeast of Yazd. The biggest salt marshes of Yazd province which are created by the salty waters of the Shoor River, is called the desert of Daranjeer, and is located in the north of Bafq.

The climate of Bafq is more dry-hot in summer and moderate in winter than the other regions of province. To the east of the township of Bafq, there are two parallel mountain ranges which elongate from northwest to southeast. The highest peak of which is mount Banlakht with an elevation of 3,002 m. which is located to the south of Behabad. The current industry of the town is carpet weaving.

The mining activity is one of the main attractive factors in increasing the population of the town.
Bafgh (bafq)
Bafgh (Bafq) - Jame Mosque
Bafgh (Bafq)
Bafgh (Bafq)
Bafgh (Bafq)
Emamzadeh Abdullah - Bafgh (Bafq)
Bafgh (Bafq)
Emamzadeh Abdullah - Bafgh (Bafq)
Category: Shrines, Mausoleums
There exists a magnificent splendid and grand edifice, which, in terms of architectural design, dome, tile-work, and its internal decorations, is regarded as an ...
Category: Villages
This is one of the important centers in one of the districts of Bafq. Regarding the terminology of this word, it consists of the prefix "Beh" (meaning the best) ...
Category: Villages
It is located at a distance of 50 kilometers to the north of the Zarand Road and Bafq - Zarand railway. It has a temperate dry climate, and the Hasht (eight) mosque ...
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