Bostan (Dasht-e Azadegan) City

in Khuzestan province
Dashte Azadeghan (Dasht-e Azaadegan) is situated to the west of the Khuzestan Province (Khouzestan) and it has a common border with Iraq. Its center is Sosangerd which is located at a distance of 941 km. from Tehran. It has warm and dry climate. Originally, Dasht-e-Azadehgan was known as "Bani Taraf" and in the year 1935, was changed to "Dasht-e-Mishan", and thence after the Islamic revolution, was re-named as "Dasht-e-Azadegan".

The inhabitants of this vicinity are Arab tribes. Till the year 1944, this area was a part of the Ahvaz township, later on it joined the Bostan district, and turned into the township of Dasht-e-Mishan (Dasht-e-Azadegan).
Dasht-e Azadegan (Bostan)
Om-ol Debes Desert - Dasht-e Azadegan (Bostan)
Om-ol Debes Desert - Dasht-e Azadegan (Bostan)
Hoor-ol-Azim - Dasht-e Azadegan (Bostan)
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