Eslamabad-e Gharb City

in Kermanshah province
Islam Abad Qarb (Eslaam abad Gharb) is one of the townships of the Kermanshah province and has a temperate climate. The center of which is the city of Islam Abad Qarb and is at a distance of 589 km. from Tehran. Primarily, the name of Islam Abad, was "Mendeli" and after the Arab invasion, one of the Arab commanders put an extreme effort for its flourishment and its development. Thus it became to be known as "Haroun Abad" (Haronabad). In 1930 its name was changed to Shah Abad Qarb (Shahabad) and after the Islamic Revolution in 1978, its name was changed to Islam Abad Qarb.

In the Safavid period specially during the time of Shah Abbas this city flourished. Some parts of its townships like Mahidasht have a long historical antecedent. Mahidasht because of its good climate and pastures, was the place for breeding horses and training of Parthian warriors. In the Safavid era, Shah Abbas Safavid constructed a caravansary there, and today Islam Abad Qarb is considered to be one of the flourishing townships of the province.
Eslamabad-e Gharb
Eslamabad-e Gharb
Eslamabad-e Gharb
Eslamabad-e Gharb
Eslamabad-e Gharb
Category: Mausoleums
This mausoleum is located in the Rijab Village a district of Kerend of Islam Abad Qarb. Its structure is related to the Saljuqi period. It is believed that the ...
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