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Ali Qavitan says his new film traces Sohrab Sepehri’s mysticism

Ali Qavitan says his new film traces Sohrab Sepehri’s mysticism

October 21, 2018 | 13:40:36
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Speaking to the Persian service of IRNA on Sunday, he noted that “Sohrab’s Dream” is not a biopic and added, “The film is in some way a revelation of Sohrab and also brings up the mysticism and philosophy of his poems.”

“Sohrab was an avant-garde poet whose works will come under the spotlight in the future,” he added.
He compared himself to a writer who has authored a book on Sepehri and said that he cannot claim that his film entirely covers everything about Sepehri.

He said that cinema is no longer able to cover somebody’s entire life story in a biopic but must make use of a series.
Due to his striking resemblance to Sepehri, Qavitan himself plays the role of the poet and painter who was one of Iran’s most influential literary figures over the past five decades.

The shooting of “Sohrab’s Dream” is currently underway on location in Sepehri’s hometown of Kashan. However, he plans to premiere it during the Fajr Film Festival, which will be held in Tehran during February 2019.

Sepehri (1928-1980) is second only to poet Nima Yushij, who is known for his pure style of blank verse.

As a talented artist and a gifted poet, Sepehri came to prominence with the publication of his collection “The Water’s Footfall” in 1965.

His works have been translated into the English, French, Italian and Spanish languages. His paintings have been the most expensive works sold at the Tehran Auction over the past few years. Sepehri died of leukemia in Tehran in 1980. His grave is located in the courtyard Imamzadeh Sultan Ali ibn Muhammad Baqir (AS) in the village of Mashhad-e Aradahal near Kashan.
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