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Fandoqloo Forest: A Scenic Natural Beauty in Northwestern Iran

Fandoqloo Forest: A Scenic Natural Beauty in Northwestern Iran

July 26, 2018 | 10:15:57
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The Fandoqloo forest which lays next to vast mayweed fields is one of the most beautiful jungles and tourist attractions of Iran. Fandoqloo is located 10 kilometers from the town of Namin. A large part of the forest in situated in Ardabil province and a small part of it in Gilan province.

Adjacent to the forest are expansive mayweed fields, which host a mayweed festival every spring.
The warm-water spa, cable cars and a grass ski piste can make your journey more enjoyable and more memorable. The forest contains fruit trees such as hazel, wild apples, greengage, raspberries, strawberries, etc.
The forest is named Fandogloo as “Fandoq” means “hazel” and the forest contains a lot of hazel trees. Around a quarter of the forest’s surface area is covered with hazel trees.

The forest measures 16,000 hectares in area, stretching all the way between two villages on either side. Fandoqloo is home to 19 species of flora and dozens of species of fauna such as foxes, wolves, the brown bear and otters as well as birds such as pheasants, crows and the golden eagle.

One of the country’s most famous warm-water spas is also located in this forest and is known as Mishe-Dashee or Ali-Dashee by locals. Many tourists do not miss the chance of taking a dip in the spa. Close to the spa lies a small waterfall which can make travellers’ joy complete.
The best season to visit Fandoqloo is spring and summer.
Fandoqloo Forest
Fandoqloo Forest
Fandoqloo Forest
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