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Culture and Art Orchestra performs with conductor Farhad Fakhreddini

Culture and Art Orchestra performs with conductor Farhad Fakhreddini

August 4, 2018 | 11:14:39
Fakhreddini accompanied the orchestra as guest conductor during a concert that was organized by the orchestra to celebrate 50 years of his career in composition.
The orchestra performed in company with singers Vahid Taaj and Mojtaba Asgari.
A repertoire featuring pieces that Fakhreddini has composed over the past 50 years was performed at the two-night program titled “Nights with the Honor of Iranian Music”.
“It has been several years since maestro Fakhreddini has resigned as the conductor of Iran’s National Orchestra, which he established in 1998, and we found it a good opportunity to invite him once again,” the permanent conductor of the orchestra, Ali-Akbar Qorbani, said before the beginning the concert.
“We are happy to have been able to elevate the level of the Culture and Art Orchestra so that maestro Fakhreddini would agree to conduct the orchestra in a concert,” he added.
“Fakhreddini is a very precise and careful maestro and does not easily accept any type of work, but since he has been in close contact with the orchestra he agreed to collaborate as a guest conductor for these performances,” he noted.
The concert was organized by the orchestra’s permanent conductors, Shahram Tavakkoli and Ali-Akbar Qorbani, and music director Sussan Taqipur.
“Vague Pain”, “For My daughter”, “Wave”, “Persian Gulf”, “The Homayun Suite” and “The Avicenna Suite” were among the pieces performed at the concert.
The orchestra repeated the concert on Friday night.
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