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Paris-Isfahan tour bikers arrive in Tehran

Paris-Isfahan tour bikers arrive in Tehran

August 5, 2018 | 15:39:27
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According to 'Tourism and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran', the group of motorcyclists crossed 14 European countries before entering Iran from Turkey via Bazargan border crossing.

The motorcyclists reached Iran on July 31 and have so far passed through northwestern Iranian cities of Tabriz, Ardabil, Khalkhal, Asalem, Rasht, Lahijan, Rudsar, Ramsar, Tonekabon, Chalous and Karaj before arriving in the capital Tehran, Mehr News Agency wrote.
The Iranian tour guide and the sports expert who is accompanying the group Bijan Khorasani said that the motorcyclists have expressed their appreciation to the people of the cities they have visited for their hospitality.
The tourists enjoyed Iran's beautiful landscapes in general, especially the route from Asalem to Khalkhal and Chalus Road, Khorasani said.
He noted that Iranian security forces and police have extended good cooperation to the group during the tour, adding that the tour did have not face any problems or barriers and everyone has cooperated with the motorcyclists and tour operators perfectly.

The tour will leave Tehran for Isfahan after passing the holy city of Qom and will complete their trip in Isfahan's Naqsh-e Jahan Square.
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