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Italy extends visa for Iranians up to 60 days

Italy extends visa for Iranians up to 60 days

March 23, 2020 | 10:11:04 (Iran News Agency)
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The Italian government has agreed to significantly extend short-term visas for visiting Iranians, saying they will have “no problem” to stay up to 60 days more after their visa expiration dates, Tehran’s embassy in Rome has said.

The extension will suit Iranian nationals who have to stay more than their original visa validity due to problems posed by the coronavirus in the European country as its government has banned all non-essential travel and public gatherings until April 3 and closed schools and universities nationwide.

Based on the recent decision, all foreigners who are currently present in Italy will not be included in the expulsion law until 60 days after the expiration of visa.

Italian prime minister announced on Tuesday that his country has been quarantined to prevent coronavirus outbreak. “The right decision is to stay at home,” Giuseppe Conte said when he imposed the lockdown on Monday.

Most Italians are following his advice, with streets and squares deserted up and down the country of 60 million people, sources say.

According to official statistics, the coronavirus has so far affected 15,113 and 11,364 persons in Italy and Iran, respectively, killing 1,016 and 514 ones in the two countries.
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