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Kohan ensemble to perform during Neutrality Day in Ashgabat

Kohan ensemble to perform during Neutrality Day in Ashgabat

December 11, 2018 | 10:02:55
eshghabad,عشق آباد,ترکمنستان,کامیار فنیان,کامیار فانیان
Led by composer and dotar player Kamyar Fanian, the ensemble will take part in the celebration by invitation of the Turkmenistan ambassador to Tehran, Gurbanov Ahmet Kakabayevich, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Monday.

He will perform accompanied by singer Parsa Hassandokht and other members Javid Ebrahimpur, Saman Sadeqian, Sajjad Mansuri, Mohsen Arekesh and Yahya Mehri.

Fanian is also scheduled to perform a duet with Turkmen dotar virtuoso Agh Morad Charief.

Earlier in 2017, Fanian and Charief released the music video album “Dotarchi”.

Neutrality Day falls every year on December 12. It commemorates a UN resolution, adopted in 1995, on the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan. Since then Turkmenistan celebrates the day by organizing parades, speeches, concerts and official ceremonies.
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