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flamingos in Lipar Pink Lagoon

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Lipar Lagoon is a great destination for bird watching and is home to a variety of migratory bird species. Of the various animal species, flamingos, hedgehogs, gray herons, cormorants, hummingbirds, and terns can be mentioned. It is also home to the gray Franklin and the brown eagle. Lipar Lagoon is also home to endangered marble ducks.
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Lipar Pink Lagoon

Related to Chabahar Free Port (in Sistan va Baluchestan province)
The pink wetland of Lipar is located just 200 meters from the northern edge of the Sea of Oman and south of Lipaar village near Chabahar, in Sistan va Baluchestan province.
Chabahar (Bandar Beheshti) located in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman in Makran coast of Sistan and Baluchistan Province. It is the only port with direct access to the Indian Ocean in IRAN.
Lipar Pink Lagoon near chabahar
Lipar Pink Lagoon - Sistan va Balouchestan Province
Lipar Pink wetland - Chabahar
Lipar Pink Lake - Chabahar
Lipar Pink Wetland near Chabahar
Lipar Lagoon - Chabahar
Lipar Pink Lagoon - Chabahar
Chabahar Pink Lagoon
Lipar Pink Lagoon - Chabahar
Chabahar Pink Lake
Lipar Pink Lagoon - Chabahar
Darak Village (Darak Beach) near Chabahar
Darak Village (Darak Beach) near Chabahar
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar Martian Mountains - Sistan Balouchestan Province
Chabahar - Sistan va Balouchestan Province
Chabahar Free Port
Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan, this is the reality inferred from the experience of visitors who have been impressed by Iran’s beauties and amazing attractions.
Antiquity and richness of its culture and civilization, the variety of natural and geographical attractions, four - season climate, diverse cultural sites in addition to different tribes with different and fascinating traditions and customs have made Iran as a treasury of tangible and intangible heritage.
Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan!
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