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City in 'Semnan' Province
City in 'Semnan' Province
Bastaam is a city in and capital of the Bastam District of Shahrud County, Semnan Province, Iran.
Tourist Attraction in Bastam (city)
Tourist Attraction in Bastam (city)
Bastam Jame Mosque is located at a distance of 200 m. from the tomb of Bayazid to the south of Bastam. The same comprises of two sections. One is the square courtyard with an altar which is intricately and artistically adorned with a master-piece of ...
Bastam and Kharghan are two famous towns on the rim of the desert where celebrated Iranian mystics are born. The desert area of Iran combines nature with mysticism. Throughout history, prominent mystics and scholars were born in the desert and arid regions of Iran. Each of the mystics played an important role in disseminating and developing mysticism in Iran and across the world.
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