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Tourist Attraction in Jolfa (city)
Tourist Attraction in Jolfa (city)
Kordasht historical Bath is located in a village of the same name near Jolfa County in northwest Iran. The bath dates back to Safavid times, and its water is supplied from the Aras River which runs along border with Azerbaijan Republic.
Tourist Attraction in Jolfa (city)
Tourist Attraction in Jolfa (city)
Asiab-kharabeh (Kharaba Dierman) is one of t beautiful regions in east Azarbaijan .The name refer due to ruined remain parts of water mill.
Maragheh observatory in northwest Iran is a must-see destination for history buffs and ones interested in medieval astronomy.
The 10th international forum on urban development with an approach toward conservation of historical texture is being held in the city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province.
600-square-meter carpet (world’s largest handwoven carpet) showcased at Tabriz International Carpet Fair.
The bath of Kordasht is a historical building of the Safavid era, located in a village of the same name near the city of Jolfa in East Azarbaijan province, north-western Iran.
Tabriz enjoys historical backgrounds to be turned into a child-friendly city, Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of the northwestern Iranian city, said on Friday.
The first phase of the northwest tourism development project was launched with the cooperation of Japan’s tourism specialists, said Iran’s director general of tourism planning and development.
Tourist Attraction in Maragheh (city)
Tourist Attraction in Maragheh (city)
Maragheh Observatory in East Azerbaijan Province was one of the largest and most famous Islamic observatory in the world with great observational instruments of high precision, related to the period before the telescope was invented.
City in 'East Azerbaijan' Province
City in 'East Azerbaijan' Province
Mianeh lies in the eastern most region of the province between the Bozqoosh and Qaflan Kooh (Ghaflankooh) mountain ranges. Mianeh stands 170 km. southeast of Tabriz. It has a warm Mediterranean climate with a maximum annual temperature of 19° C on an ...
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