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Registered as a national heritage, Shapouri House is an early 20th-century house in Shiraz, southern Iran, built in the early years of Pahlavi dynasty (1925-1979). Designed and built by Abol Qasem Mohandesi between 1930 and 1935, its owner was Abdol Shahab Shapouri, a wealthy Iranian merchant.
Tourist Attraction in Torbat Jaam (city)
Tourist Attraction in Torbat Jaam (city)
The pilgrimage site of Ahmad Bin Abol Hassan Sheikh Ahmad Jaam (441-536 AH.), is located in Mashad - Harat Road and consists of ten historical buildings which are placed around a vast courtyard. Sheikh Ahmad pilgrimage is one of the greatests pilgrimage ...
Iranian Architecture: some of the most majestic structures the world has ever seen !
Tourist Attraction in Ardebil (city)
Tourist Attraction in Ardebil (city)
There are several other private and public historical buildings worth seeing. The most important ones are: Sadeqi's House, Manafzadeh's House, building of Islami School etc.
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
This historical building is a remnant of the Safavid era. It is located in the midst of a garden, and has two storeys with a large hall. In the past and times of glory, the doors of the building were adorned with inlaid works, its corridors with gilded ...
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