10 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in IRAN
according to skiers and snowboarders

10 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in IRAN according to skiers and snowboarders
While not the first destination that comes to mind for powder hounds, skiing in Iran is a growing choice for those keen to ride somewhere different in a country rich in culture off the slopes.

There are more than 20 functioning ski fields in Iran. All the resorts have lodges, chalets and hotels. Ski lifts cost as little as US$10 a day. You can hire skis, poles and boots, but not clothes, at the resorts.

The season in the Alborz Mountains (where most slopes are located) starts as early as November and lasts until just after Nowrooz (ie early April); around Tabriz and at Dizin (close to Tehran) it can last until mid-May.

We’ve gathered the 10 best ski resorts in IRAN that offer something for every skier or snowboarder.

Darband Sar Ski Resort Pist-e Ski-e Darbandsar پیست اسکی دربند سر iran ski pist ski iran winter sport complex darbandsar slope darband-sar ski resort tehran ski resort iran ski resorts ski resorts ski resorts near tehran استان تهران winter games winter sports ski in tehran
Darbandsar Ski Resort, which was launched in an area of 300 hectares by the privately held company, is the newest ski resort in Tehran province. The Darbandsar Ski Resort was established with the cooperation of ski enthusiast society in 1982 and it is situated at Darbandsar village, along the sides of Mount Seechal in the center of the Alborz Mountains, 60 kilometers to the northeast of Tehran on the Shemshak-Dizin Road. Darbandsar is a 90-minute drive from Tehran depending on the route chosen and weather conditions.
Shemshak Ski Slope پیست اسکی شمشک tehran ski resorts tehran ski slopes tehran ski sport tehran province استان تهران
Shemshak ski resort which is 3000m in length is situated 3,600m above sea level, and located 58km north-east of Tehran. The suitable skiing season begins around the third week of December lasting till late April. Shemshak is the third largest ski area in Iran after Dizin and Darbansar. It came into operation in 1958. There are also lighting facilities for night skiing. The Dizin Ski Resort (Another Ski resort near Tehran) is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers whereas daredevil skiers and freestyle snowboarders will enjoy skiing down on Shemshak Ski Resort, which is one of the best downhill tracks in the country.
Dizin Ski Slope Dizin sport complex pist ski dizin tehran ski karaj ski dizin slope deezeen دیزین iran ski ski resorts alborz alburz استان البرز جاده چالوس chalous road chaloos road chalos road پیست دیزین iran winter iran sport ski complex
This ski resort is located near Karaj and about 70km away from the capital Tehran, in the Alborz mountain range. It is nearby two other main ski resorts of Iran: Shemshak and Darbandsar. For skiing and snowboarding, there are 18 km of slopes available. 18 lifts transport the guests. Dizin is the first ski and winter sport resort in Iran which has been officially recognized and granted the title by the International Ski Federation for its capability in administrating official and international competitions.
North of Tehran
Tochal Summit Touchal Tuchal Mountain Mount Tochal توچال تهران شمیران toochal towchal touchal tehran teheran north of tehran
Tochal Ski Resort is one of the most famous ski center in Iran, it is the closeset resort to capital city and because of its neighbourhood to Tehran it is very popular with the single daytrip skiers. For skiing and snowboarding, there are 6 km of slopes available. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,910 and 3,850m.
Haraz Road (near Damavand)
Pist-e Abali Ab Ali Ski Slope پیست آبعلی دماوند pist abali abali ski Abali Ski Resort damavaand damavand
The first ski resort in Iran to install mechanical lifts (in 1953), Abali is around 57km northeast of Tehran on the way to Mt Damavand. The slope stands at an attitude of 2,800m above sea-level in the Haraz Road and at a distance of 50 km from Tehran. This small slope is the birthplace of modern ski and the base of winter sport in Iran. It has a training site with skilled coaches giving good opportunity for newcomers to learn ski, it also has some stalls which rent ski gears at a low price; the entrance ticket to the ski resort is cheap.
Khur Ski Resort Karaj-Chalus Road khor village alborz province alburz mountain range استان البرز پیست اسکی نزدیک تهران پیست اسکی کرج iran winter games sport complex piste khor piste ski karaj karaj ski resort khur ski resort iran ski resorts ski resorts in iran ski resort near tehran ski resort near karaj-alborz province alburz province
This ski resort is located in Chaloos road 30 kilometers away from Karaj and 65 kilometers outside of Tehran. A spectacular manifestation of nature with matchless capacities to do all sorts of sports and recreational activities in the mountains. Khor ski resorts opened in 1973. The Khor ski track is located at an altitude of 2800m to 3000m above sea level with a vertical drop of 200m, and snow depth of one to two meters. There are two ski routes in the Khor resort with a length of 1850m and 350m, and daily capacity of 1300 skiers.
Yam Ski Resort Marand Payam Ski Resort پیست اسکی یام پیست اسکی پیام paiam ski resort tabriz ski resort ski resort near tabriz east azerbaijan ski resort east azarbaijan province استان آذربایجان شرقی ski resort in iran azarbaijan ski resorts azerbaijan ski resort ski resort tabriz tabriz ski resort marand ski resort پیست اسکی مرند winter games sport complex ski sport
The Yam Ski Resort (Also known as Payam) is based on the foothill of the Mishodaghi Mount (Mishudaq) where lies between Tabriz and Marand in the East Azerbaijan province near Marand city. This Ski Resort is one of the oldest and largest ski resorts in the country, which was operated by East Azerbaijan Province Federation in 1967 on a land with an area of 30 hectares and base altitude of 1800m from the sea level. The Yam Ski Resort is situated about 15 kilometers in the south of Marand and 55 kilometers in the north of Tabriz.
Pouladkaf Ski Resort Ardekan Ski Resort Pulad-kaf sport complex پیست اسکی پولادکف اردکان سپیدان fars province استان فارس poladkaf ski resort winter games iran ski skiing in iran pist ski pooladkaf winter game piste eski pooladkaf پیست پولاد کف پیست پولادکف پیست اسکی اردکان پیست اسکی فارس پیست اسکی شیراز پیست سپیدان sepidan ski resort fars province ski resort
Pooladkaf Ski Resort (Poulad-kaf Ski Resort) is located in the northwest of Fars province, 15 km from Old Ardakan city (Ardekan) and 85 km from Shiraz. It was established in 2002. The ski resort elevation is 2850 meters from the sea level, the peak; however, is 3400m. Ski season in Pooladkaf usually starts from December and lasts until late March and sometimes early April.
Alvares winter sports complex Alvarez Ski Resorts Pist-e Ski Alvares پیست آلوارس winter sports winter games ardebil ardabil ski resort ardabil province استان اردبیل پیست اسکی اردبیل ardebil ski resort iran ski resort ardabil province pist ski alvares کوه سبلان sabalan mount aalvarez aalvares alvaares alvaarez
Alvares is a ski resort near Ardebil in Ardabil province. It is the second standard ski resort in Iran and is situated in the hamlet of Alvares, which is located 24 kilometers away from the city of Sarein at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level. A ski lift operates in the winter months at Alvares, but the area makes a good base for trekking outside this time. It can attract skiers for about six to eight months of each year due to its cold temperature which prevents the snow from melting. Alvares Ski Resort is the largest ski resort of the country capable of hosting ski players for longer times of each year compared with other resorts.
Fereidune Shahr  Feridunshahr  Fereydun Shahr fereydoon shahr fereidounshahr fereydoonshahr Faridonshahr feridunshar فریدون شهر فریدونشهر isfahan esfahan feridonshahr feridounshahr feridunshehr استان اصفهان پیست اسکی فریدونشهر
Fereydunshahr ski resort which is located 180 km west of Isfahan near Fereyduoon-Shahr city and village of Choqyurt (Choghyoort), is the highest ski resort in Iran. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 2,630 and 3,000 m. Expert skiers from Isfahan come here to practice when they don’t compete in bigger ski resorts: Shemshak, Darbandsar and Dizin. The resort is equipped with 1x small rope tow for beginners,1x ski lift, 1x two seats chairlift which gives you access to a zipline. The staff takes good care of the slopes and facilities.
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