Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
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Tourist Attraction

Mir-Fatah Ice-Pit (Mir Fattah Ice Chamber)

in Malayer city | Hamadan province
Tourist Attraction

Mir-Fatah Ice-Pit (Mir Fattah Ice Chamber)

Related to Malayer city (Hamadan Province)
Also known as: Yakhchal-e-Mirfattah, Mir Fattah Ice Pit, Mirfattah Icehouse
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir-Fattah Ice Chamber (Mirfatah Ice Place, Yakhchal-e-Mirfattah or Mir Fattah Ice Pit) This relic is from the Qajar period and its founder is Mir Fatah. The structure is constructed of brick and is a dome like shape and located on the Panzdah Shahrivar boulevard on the way from Malayer to Borujerd to store ice in summer.

The structure has two doors or entrances, one is similar to a corridor from which ice is obtained, and the other is the main door. From the latter steps lead to the place where the ice is kept. In this area , both internal and external two rows of bricks have been laid, in order to prevent melting ice in summer, thereby acting as a conductor. Materials used in the construction of this structure are brick and stone.

In april 2019, Floodwaters in Malayer have severely damaged the Mir Fattah Ice Chamber. According to the CHHTO’s provincial office, the Hamadan prosecutor has launched an investigation into the causes of the damage.
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Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit (Ice Chamber) - Malayer
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