Abar kooh (Abarkuh) City

in Yazd province
The town of Abar Kooh (Abarkooh) is located in the southwest of the province. In decades back, this town was a part of Abadeh in Fars province, and after joining Yazd province this section changed to a city. Abar Kooh is an area in a desert which has a very warm climate. The economy of this region is based on agriculture, laboring, carpet weaving. The agricultural products of Abar Kooh are wheat, barley, sugar beet, cotton, oil seeds etc.

The fruit trees are mulberry, grapes, apples, and apricots. Many years ago, Abar Kooh was called Abarqoyeh and Barqoyeh and in 1975, its name was changed from Abarqoyeh to Abar Kooh. Abar Kooh is a very ancient and was a florishing city, situated on the way of Silk Road.

The name of Abar Kooh is mentioned in the books of Islamic geographers like Fars Nameh of Ebne Balkhi, Nazhate-Al-Qolub, Haft Eqlim, and Fars Nameh of Naseri, etc.
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