Farsan (Faarsaan) City

in Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiyari province
Farsaan (Faarsaan) is situated in the mountainous region of the north and northwest segment of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. The capital city being Farsan located 35 km from Shahr-e-Kord, and 578 km from Tehran. The city of Farsan is one of the important summer residing places for Bakhtiyari Tribe, which has excellent weather conditions due to resting in the midst of the inner ranges of the Zagross Mountains.

People are mostly Bakhtiari and they believe that the city comes from the Behdarvand clan. However, through urbanization, it became a destination for many immigrants from close and far villages and towns. They speak in Bakhtiari which contains a lot of Pahlavi and Avestan words.

A unique sight to see in Farsan region is the seasonal migration of Bakhtiaries accompanying and watching which leads to a different experience to the new comers' eyes. In a seasonal migration, all the properties of families are also carried along with horses, dunies, etc. and on the way there are green grasslands for sheep and goats, shepherds playin Ney, shooting ceremonies, traditional group dancing, Tarkeh Bazi ( a traditional game), and local folklore.
The Farsan region also presents the Junqan city and its beautiful attractions, along with Cheshme Ghal'e (castle spring), Dareye Hana (hana valley) and Sheikh Yousef spring. The historical monuments are the mosque of Farsan and the writings-on-stone, which belong to the Constitutional Revolution, next to the Pir-Ghar beautiful spring and the neighboring forest.

And finally, the Sardar As'ad  and the Dezak Castle located in Junqan where Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda started writing his lexicon/dictionary - Dehkhoda had escaped to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari during the first world war.
BabaHeydar near Farsan
Pirghar (Pir Cave)
Pirghar (Pir Cave)
Dah Cheshmeh (Ten Spring) Farsan
Dah Cheshmeh (Ten Spring) Farsan
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