Kazeroon City

Kazeroon or Kazerun is located to the west of Shiraz and is 1032 km from Tehran.It has a rather hot climate with different intensities. It is one of the oldest cities of Iran. The Parishan Protected Lake is situated to the southeast of Kazeroon. In the old times, the city of Shapur was more developed than Kazeroon.

Today the ruins of the city of Shapur can be seen 20km away from Kazeroon. In 483-495 AD the city was developed as a result of the efforts of Firooz (son of Bahram the Sassanide) and at the time of Qobad, 487-498 AD it further developed and enlarged. There are many historical monuments in this city.
Kazeroon City
Kazeroon City
Kazeroon (Kazerun City)
Tang-e Chogan Bishapour Ancient City - Kazerun
Tang-e Chogan Bishapour Ancient City - Kazerun
Shapur cave is located at the end of Chogan canyon in the four kilometer distance of Bishapur City near Kazerun town in Fars Province, the most important Sassanid ...
Bishapur (Shapur's City) is an ancient city located 23km North-West of Kazerun (Kazeron) in Fars province. Just beside the ancient city of Bishapur, there are ...
Category: Ancient Cities
This city was built by Shapour I and included palaces with a large fire-temple and inscriptions of the Pahlavi script. The main palace has a hall with many corridors ...
Category: Fire Temples
This fire temple is situated at 10 km. south-east of Kazeroon. At present, from these monuments, except for three stands and two semi-ruined domes, nothing is left. ...
Category: Caves
At the distance of 5 km. east of Naqsh-e-Rostam and along the ruins of Estakhr, there is a cave in which inscriptions in Pahlavi script are written. These are in ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
This tomb is located in Kazeroon Bazaar. It is said that the tomb is of Hamzebne Mosabne Jafar. This Imamzadeh is one of the most respected pilgrimage site for ...
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