Naqadeh City

in West Azerbaijan province
Naqadeh is in the midst of the townships of Mahabad, Piran Shahr, Oshnavieh and Orumieh, and is the axis of communications due to its position. This city had had many historical upheavals and various historical relics and vestiges have been excavated in the Hassanloo hills lying near the city which is of great importance in this area.
The antiquity of these have shown to be 2000 years BC. Various clans or tribes namely the Assyrians, Kords, Manas, and the Turks have immigrated to this vicinity and made settlements. That is till the Qarah Papaq (Black Cap) Clan immigrated to the region (during the reign of Fathali Shah) from Caucasian.
This clan settled down in the vast plains of Soldooz and remaining in the region of Naqadeh cultivated wheat, rice and other agricultural products there.

The town has a mized population of Kurds and Azeris of Turkic Qarapapaq confederacy (made up of the tribes of Ayrumlu, Ojaq and Afshar, who were resettled from the Caucasus into Persia/Iran after the loss of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, and Armenia to Russia following the first and second Russo-Persian Wars of the 19th century). Until the genocides of World War One, the town was once home to a large number of Assyrians who perished during the Assyrian Genocide. The main religion is Shia Islam.
Teppe Hasanlu (Tappeh Hassanlou) is an archeological site of an ancient city located in northwest Iran in West Azerbaijan Province, a short distance south of Lake ...
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