NoorAbad (Mamasani) City

Nurabad Mamasani Located to the west of Shiraz in Fars Province, it has a rather cold climate in north and warm in the south. In old history books, Mamasani was mentioned as"Shoulestan", derivated from Shoul, which was one of Lur tribes.

Nurabad is located 58.7 kilometres (36.5 mi) from Kazerun, 80.5 kilometres (50.0 mi) from Yasuj (Kohgiluyeh-e Boyerahmad Province), 87.8 kilometres (54.6 mi) from Do Gonbadan (Kohgiluyeh-e Boyerahmad), and 100.2 kilometres (62.3 mi) from Borazjan (Bushehr Province).

Mamasani (also Muhammad Hasni) an ancient tribe with numerous sub-tribes live in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other countries. The main tribe resides in Mamasani county in Fars province in Iran and speak Luri language. The Sistani Mamasanis live in Sistan and Baluchistan. The Brahui and Baluchi Mamasanis are called Muhammad Hassani live in Baluchistan provinces of Iran and Pakistan and Nimrus and Helmand of Afghanistan.
Noorabad Mamasani
Noorabad Mamasani
Tangsa Waterfall - Noorabad Mamasani
Noorabad Mamasani
Mil Ejdeha Fire Temple - Noorabad Mamasani
Mil Ejdeha Fire Temple - Noorabad Mamasani
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