Quchan City

in Khorasan Razavi province
Quchan (or Ghoochan) is located in the north of the province and in the neighborhood of the Republic of Turkeministan. Due to its strategic position it controls commercial traffic in the way of custom regulations as well as passengers within its common border with the Republic of Turkeministan. The Aladaq and Hezar Masjed heights bear influence on its climate, such that it has moderate summers and cold winters.

In the medieval ages, Quchan was known as Khabooshan and Khoojan. This city was rebuilt during the time of Holakookhan. In order to prevent the Ozbak and Turkaman attacks to this vicinity, Shah Abbas I transferred the Kurd warriors to the region. In the year 1160 AH, Nader Shah was killed in a place called Tappeh Nader or (Nader’s Hill), close to the city. Historical remnants date back to 6th century AH here.
Quchan in Razavi Khorasan Province
Quchan in Razavi Khorasan Province
Quchan in Razavi Khorasan Province
Emamzadeh Ebrahim - Quchan
Quchan in Razavi Khorasan Province
Category: Mountains, Lakes
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Located between the towns of Daregaz and Quchan, this park has an area of 57.000 hectares out of which 20,000 hectares can be claimed to be protected area. It is ...
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Category: Rivers
This river originates from the Hezar Masjed, Aladaq and Binalood heights. The main tributary runs in this vicinity, and two other rivers such as "Shirin Chai" and ...
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