Rafsanjan City

in Kerman province
Capital of Rafsanjan County in Kerman Province. It is Iran's center of pistachio cultivation and is also famous for its high quality rugs and carpets.
The township of Rafsanjan is located in the north of the province, and at a distance of 949 km. from Tehran. To the east are the townships of Kerman and Zarand, and from the south and west the townships of Bardseer and Shahr-e-Babak respectively.

In the northwest it has common borders with the province of Yazd. In the mountainous regions, Rafsanjan witnesses cold weather, but in the low-lying areas, such as the plains it is moderately warm. From architectural point of view, this city displays spectacular features and has many ancient houses in its vicinity.

It is Iran's center of pistachio cultivation. Rafsanjan is also a major center of carpet production even though the rugs are sold as Kermani rugs rather than Rafsanjani ones. Another large employer is the nearby Sarcheshmeh copper mines.
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Rafsanjan - Kerman
Rafsanjan - Kerman
Rafsanjan Old gate
Khalilabad Tower, Rafsanjan - Kerman
Rafsanjan Bazaar - Kerman
Rageh Canyon, Rafsanjan - Kerman
Rafsanjan Old gate
The same is located near the city of Rafsanjan, and the founder of this structure was Haj Aqa Ali Rafsanjani. (The founder of the aggregate of Haj Ali Kermani). ...
Category: Springs
The Hossein Abad Spring is located in Rafsanjan and its water is affective in dispelling uric acid, therefore having a positive result on the gastro-intestinal ...
Category: Mountains
This mountainous region is located in Rafsanjan and comprises of the following mountains named as Najib, Espezar, Mohammad Abad, Turan Kallateh, Taneh Kooh, Zowj, ...
Category: Springs
This spring is located in the Qasem Abad Village of Rafsanjan, and the water is of a chloro-sodium and mangnesium category. Affective on the gastro-intestinal and ...
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