Salmas City

in West Azerbaijan province
Salmas is situated on the plains its center being the city of Salmas (formerly known as Shahpour in the Pahlavi reign), which lies 854 km. from Tehran. In ancient books Salmas has been noted for being a city with good bazaars and a mosque constructed of stone. Excavations here from the hillock of Bitan have related Salman to the Medes. In the Achaemenian times, Salmas was known as Zarvand. Due to the fact of its position, that is stranding between Iran and Rome, this city after the fall of Khosrow Ashkani came under the hands of the Sassanians.
Salmas - Azerbaijan - Iran
Salmas - Azerbaijan - Iran
Salmas Azad University - Azerbaijan - Iran
Salmas - Azerbaijan - Iran
Khan Takhti rock relief - Salmas
Khan Takhti rock relief - Salmas
Sheikh Salmas Bath - Salmas
At 76 km. of the Orumieh-Salmas Road there is a village known as Khan Takhti. There is a huge flat slab of stone in the heights on which the encarvings of Khan ...
Category: Dam
This dam was constructed over a somewhat wide river in Jamal Abad Valley of Salmas in the beginning of 'Saljuqi ' period. This dam stands at a height of more that ...
Category: Caves
Located on the skirts of the Qarniyaroq Mountains between the Salmas and Somai district of Orumieh, there are some underground caves which have wide spaces and ...
Category: Springs
The Minas Spring is in the Minas village, southeast of Salmas containing many minerals.
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