Sarband (Shazand) City

in Markazi province
Sarband (Shazand) is located to the southwest of Marzaki province, in a mountainous region. Its center is Shazand which is 330 km. from Tehran, and was called Sarband. This town was a village named "Edris Abad" in old times and since the railroad has crossed it, its name changed to Shazand. Presently, this town is a township of the central province and is developing and flourishing city.
Shazand City
Shazand - Sarband
Shazand City
Shazand City
Shazand City
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
This tomb is located in the city of Astaneh, amidst natural surroundings in Sarband. The structure and dome of the Imamzadeh is a remnant of the Al Booyeh era and ...
Category: Springs
This wetland is located 2 km. to the east of Shazand. Verdant areas and the surrounding trees create a beautiful scene. Each year thousands of people visit this ...
Category: Lakes
This earthen dam is located 30 kilometers south of Shazand, and 2 kilometers to the north of Hendudor. Now it is a tourist region of the Shazand township and Markazi ...
Category: Rivers
This river originates from the Emarat Water Basin, Eskan Abbas Abad, Kalleh and Nahr Mian. On the other hand it means that it originates from the Sarband heights ...
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