Taft City

in Yazd province
The township of Taft is located in the southwest of YAZD province. To its west is Fars province. One of the most important mountains of the province named as Shir Kooh, with an elevation of 4,075 m. is located here. The weather of Taft is moderate and many kinds of fruits are planted there. The name of Taft is mentioned in many historical and mystical books of the 9th century AH., Along with the name of Shah Nematollah-e-Vali.
Sadri Garden and Building (Namir) - FeizAbad, Taft, Yazd
Shah Vali Mosque - Taft
Shah Vali Mosque - Taft
Shah Vali Mosque - Taft
The historical Namir garden in Taft (Yazd province), also known as Sadri, is built in the old style of Persian gardens and architecture and is one of the prime ...
Category: Mosques
Shah Vali Mosque (Imam Mosque or Shah Nematollah Vali complex) in Taft has a hot chamber bath and summer section. Its important relics are: marble stone of adythum ...
Category: Villages
Manshad Village (Manshaad or Darreh) located in Yazd province enjoys a temperate and dry climate, is located at a distance of 47 kilometers to the south of Taft ...
Category: Mausoleums
Shah Khalil Allah Sani, son of Mir Shah Taqi Uddin and the great grandchild of Shah Nematollah Vali was killed in Harat and his corpse was transferred to Taft and ...
Category: Springs
This spring is located 6 kilometers south of Taft, and in summer many visitors from Yazd and Taft and many other passengers visit this place. The only outstanding ...
Category: Mosques
Tazarjan Jameh Mosque (Tezerjan or Terzejan) of the Tarzjan Village is distinct in architectural techniques from other mosques in the province. Due to being located ...
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