Takestan City City

in Qazvin province
The township of Takestan is bounded from north to the province of Gilan, from east to Qazvin township, and from west and south to Zanjan province. The center of the township is the city of Takestan which is located on the main route of Tehran - Europe and the Tehran western route. Takestan has also a railway station on Tehran - Azarbayjan route. Takestan which in past was called Siadeh enjoys a long historical background. In the Sassanid period, Takestan was a thriving city with an excellent position amongst other cities. Some fascinating Sassanian plasterwork belonging to the Sassanide period has been excavated from Kandoo hill in the northeast of Takestan. The township of Takestan today is an agricultural axis of this province.
Village Siadeh (Takestan) by Eugène Flandin
It is located to the southeast of the Alvand Village, Takestan. Scattered around are earthenware related to the Safavid era. In this area marble tombstones with ...
This hill is located to the south of the Takestan - Hamadan Road, in the Dakan Dodangeh Village. Earthenware found here is relevant to the pre-historic ages.
The above mentioned is located in the mountains near the village of Abakloo. The structure extends from the three sides to a steep precipice, with its entrance ...
The same is located to the southeast of Takestan. Attractive remnants such as plaster adornments of the Sassanide period have been discovered here.
Category: Historical Bath
This bath is related to the Safavid era located in Takestan and comprises of three sections: A clock room, hot house and the water pool or Khazineh. The hot chamber ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
Imamzadeh Saleh and Imamzadeh Soleiman (Solomon) are two tombs close to each other in the Nahavand Village of Takestan (Qazvin Province). A rectangular chamber ...
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