Ali Abad (Aliabade Katul) City

The township of Ali Abad is situated in south of GOLESTAN province and is limited by Semnan province in the south, Gonbad Kavoos at the north and Gorgan at the north and west. Ali Abad is at a distance of 45 km. from Gorgan and 420 km. from Tehran.

Its climate is a Caspian type or Khazari in the foothills and plains and in the heights and mountains is a mountainous temperate type with cold, long winters and moderate summers. In the past Ali Abad was a village of Katoul in the northeastern Alborz.

This village was given due attention because of Ali Mohammad Khan settlement in the original Mazandaran - Mashad route and the fertility of the earth. It expanded and was named Ali Abad.The forest park of Kaboodwall is near this town.
Aliabad-e Katul
Aliabad-e Katul
Aliabad-e Katul
Aliabad-e Katul
Aliabad-e Katul
Kabual Waterfall - Aliabad-e Katul
EXPLORE ATTRACTIONS IN Ali Abad (Aliabade Katul)
Category: Springs
This spring is in a deep and beautiful valley of Kabodwall forest. Kabodwall is situated 5 km. to the south of Ali Abad Katoul township.
Category: Mountains
This mountain is situated 30 km. to the southwest of Ali Abad and southeast of Gorgan and south of Imamzadeh Zeilan. This mountain is 3,123 meters in height and ...
Category: Rivers
The above mentioned river is formed by the adjoining of "Vejadareh" and "Zarin Gol" Rivers, 8 km. southeast of Ali Abad. After passing through the Katool Village, ...
Category: Mountains
This mountain situated 27 km. to the south of Ali Abad and 8 km. to the south of Alestan Village, is 3,039 meters high. The forest mountain of Qoroq Land is where ...
Category: Mountains
The Takiyano Mountain is situated at 22 km. south east of Ali Abad and 7 km. south of the Afratakhteh Village. Its height is 2,901 meters. The Takiyano Mountain ...
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