Aligoodarz (Aligudarz) City

in Lorestan province
The township of Aligoodarz in LORESTAN Province situated in the plains and the slopes of the mountains, experiences a temperate climate. It is 503 km. from Tehran and the Oshtoran Kooh Mountain Ranges and the Aligoodarz River are in this region. In the same vicinity of this current city, another city by the same name existed , but due to unknown reasons is no more. In the past, the Khaneqah or a sort of monastery, was a seat of theology for the Qizelbash and Dervish. Relics such as rectangular bricks and earthenware related to the7th century AH. have been discovered here in mountains and hillocks.

The origins of the city are unknown. The city of Aligudarz was once called Al-e Goodarz (meaning sons or tribe of Goodarz, a mythical Iranian hero from the Persian national epic Shahnameh).

In the past, the monastery of this city was a religious training center for the Qizilbash and darvishes.
EXPLORE ATTRACTIONS IN Aligoodarz (Aligudarz)
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