Asad Abad (Asadabad) City

in Hamadan province
The township of Asad Abad (Asadabaad) is to the west of Hamadan City (in Hamedan Province) and in the neighborhood of the Kermanshah province. This township lies 52 km. west of Hamadan and 480 km. from Tehran. It has a cold, mountainous type of climate with fertile plains surrounding it. The famous 'Pass of Asad Abad' in the vicinity of Asad Abad is snow-bound dung winter. Asad Abad is also the birth place of the reputed leader of the anti-exploitation movement in contemporary Iran, by the name of 'Seyed Jamal Asad Abadi'.

The ethnic composition of Asadabad, similar to other cities in Hamadan province is of mixed ethnic groups, with Persian majority and Kurdish, Azeri, Lur and Lak minorities.

Based in western Iran, Hamadan is a green mountainous area on the foothills of the 3574 - meter Alvand Mountain. The city is 1850 meters above the sea level and is 375 kilometers from the capital Tehran, 190 km east of Kermanshah and 530 km north west of Isfahan. It is the oldest Iranian city and one of the oldest in the world. At the Media era, the dawn of Iranian history, the city was called Hegmataaneh. In Greek documents, however; the city was named Ekbaataan. The valley of Hegmataaneh in the city contains a lot of the relics of Media, Achaemenid, Sassanidae and Islamic era civilizations.

Some of the relics have been uncovered and are on display to the interested. All this indicates that Hamadan has a huge share in the establishment of the human civilization.  The poet Ferdowsi says that Ecbatana was built by King Jamshid. The modern Hamadan consists of a large central roundabout with six avenues running into it.

While lacking antique vestiges, Hamadan, has several monuments worthy of interest. They are usually mausoleums. Their exterior was recently renewed by constructions inspired by the spindle - shaped structure of Mongol towers, to the exclusion of all other features of these towers. The best one covers the Tomb of the famous Ibn Sina called Abu Ali by the Persians and Avicenna by the Western world.
Asad Abad (Asadabad) - Hamedan Province
Asad Abad (Asadabad) - Hamedan Province
Asad Abad (Asadabad) - Hamedan Province
Asad Abad (Asadabad) - Hamedan Province
Asad Abad (Asadabad) - Hamedan Province
Category: Mosques
This mosque is situated in the vicinity of the 'bazaar' of Asad Abad. The mosque is rectangular in shape. On the wall of the corridor at its entrance is a tomb-stone ...
Category: Mausoleums
A man of great repute, a contemplating social reformer of the east was born in the year 1254 AH. in Asad Abad, (Hamadan). He was poisoned to death in Turkey in ...
This inscription is situated near the village of Aqa Jan Bulaqi in the valley of the Qarah Chay (river) at a distance of about 15 km. north of Asad Abad. The remains ...
Category: Historical Bath
This bath is situated in the 'Darb-e-Caravansary' locality of Asad Abad. The entrance leads to an area having six sides, with a domed ceiling. The cloak-room of ...
This water reservoir is situated in the midst of a locality called 'Darb-e-Caravansary' in Asad Abad . The said reservoir consists of three sections internally, ...
This wetland is in the plains of Asad Abad and its outstanding features are the variety of birds and vegetation coverage.
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