Baft City

in Kerman province
The township of Baft is situated in the south of KERMAN province, and is at a distance of 1,240 km. from Tehran. To its north is Bardseer, in the west lies Sirjan, the province of Hormozgan is located to its south, and to the east it is within the limits of Jiroft. The rivers take their sources in the northern heights of this region, before running east and entering Jiroft with the name of the Halil River. Baft has moderate winters and warm summers. It is not clearly known as to how this city originated, but in the past, a region called (Dasht Ab) which lay at a farther point, was inhabited.

Baft is one of the natural area in Iran. Within its local is the Khabr National Park which has been submitted by Iran as a UNESCO world heritage site. Khabr National Park has a rich flora (about 750 species) and about 120 endemic species.
Baft (Baaft)
Khabr National Park - Baft (Baaft)
Khabr National Park - Baft (Baaft)
Ashura in Baft (Baaft)
Baft (Baaft)
Negar Tower in Negar Village near Bardsir (Kerman Province) is one of the artistically constructed towers that is a relic of the Saljuqi period on the Baft-Bardsir ...
Rabar is situated at a distance of 24 km. from Baft and is the summer residing quarter for tribes. It has a pleasant climate and a picturesque view. In addition ...
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