Bandar Lengeh City

in Hormozgan province
Bandar-e Lengeh is situated at a distance of 1,631 km. from Tehran in HORMOZGAN Province. It is to the west of the province and the coasts of the Persian Gulf, and has a warm and humid climate. There is a strong possibility that 'Bandar-e-Gugana' which held great importance during the Achaemenian period as a trading port, but later declined due to upheavals, is the current Bandar Lengeh. In the year 1760 AD., an Arab clan or tribe by the name of Javasem occupied the southern coasts of the Persian Gulf, Bandar Lengeh and Qeshm Island in a mass migration.

During the reign of Karim Khan Zand 1163-1193 AH. Bandar Lengeh thrived in regards to sea-faring activities as a port, and also because the caravan route to Shiraz which added to its importance commercially. This port was reputedly known as the bride of the ports of Iran during the Qajar era and till the year 1896 AD. the Javasem tribe held the ropes in Bandar Lengeh.

The French Consulate was established here in the year 1889 AD. and the Belgians held control of the customs in Bandar Abbas and Bandar Lengeh. In the year 1898 AD. one of the family members of the ruler of Bandar Lengeh enjoyed a prime position in ruling the area, due to weakness of central government. But this continued only for a short while. Bandar Lengeh witnessed decline in the late Qajar (Ghajar) period. This state continued throughout the first and second world wars. In 1945 due to infectious diseases and famine the city was further prone towards derangement.

At present this port is one of the thriving and active ports in the region.
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