Kangavar City

in Kermanshah province
Kangavar is located to the east of Kermanshah province and near the province of Hamadan. The same has a temperate mountainous climate. It is one of the historical towns of the country due to the Anahita Temple. This city was flourishing till the Sassanide period, but after the Arab aggression on Iran, was destroyed. At present the relics of the Anahita Temple is within the city.

This temple was built from stone and has sculptured stone columns. Arab historians and geographers after the 4th century AH. have mentioned this region. Kangavar was reputed in the Islamic period and at present is reputed for its Anahita Temple (palace). The distance between Kangavar and Tehran is 616 km.
Anahita Temple - Kangavar
Anahita Temple - Kangavar
Anahita Temple - Kangavar
Anahita Temple - Kangavar
Category: Temples
In Kangavar, on an elevated rocky platform, is the remnants of a majestic structure. The same belongs to the pre-Islamic era and was known as Anahita. The name ...
Category: Rivers
The Sarab Kangavar River is 40km in length and takes its source from eastern slopes of the Amrouleh Mountains which is at a 75km distance northeast of Kermanshah. ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
The structure of Imamzadeh is located in the Goudin village of the central district of Kangavar. This brick made building externally has a quadrilateral plan but ...
Category: Bridges
To the north of the Koocheh Village, in the vicinity of Goodin Village of Kangavar is a brick bridge. This is a construction belonging to the Shah Abbas era, and ...
Near the Jooda hill towards the Borj Valley there is a rather tall hill with the remnants of an old castle. The surface of the hill was covered with pieces of plain ...
Category: Historical Bath
One of the ancient baths of Kangavar, is the Bozorg or big bath in the Sarjoob vicinity. The entrance door of bath faces the south. From the door 8 steps lead to ...
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