Kish Sorinet Sadaf Hotel
(Kish Island)

(+98) 7644420590-7
(+98) 7644420595
Amir Kabir Sq., Kish Island, IRAN
About Kish Sorinet Sadaf Hotel:
Have a memorable trip on the Kish Island with a pleasant accommodation in the luxury Sadaf hotel! Built in the shape of a shell with an amazing decoration and modern embellishments, the top four-star Sorinet Sadaf hotel hosts a large number of visitors in a calm atmosphere with fantastic services.
The Sadaf Hotel is located near to the important complexes and shopping centers of the Kish Island.
The hotel was built in a vast area with about 11000 square meters space having different facilities.
The Kooh-e Noor restaurant built in a mountain accompanied by a bright waterfall can be considered as the most distinctive feature of the Sadaf hotel.
Those who interested in billiard can also count on the hotel because of having a glorious salon attracting large number of visitors.
On the other hand, the conference hall of the hotel is a suitable option to hold different events such as seminar, birthday, wedding etc.
Be sure that a group of professional staff will try their best to manage your events in the best possible way and without any hitch.
In addition, the Sadaf hotel is also privileged to have a beautiful green space to have many hot and cool drinks and create brilliant moment.
As one of the best hotels in Kish, the hotel includes fully equipped rooms and suites based on the international standards, a dazzling lobby with panorama lift and sparkling stairs beautifully wrapped round the lift, and fantastic restaurants such as Koohe Noor (Light Mountain) restaurant inside an artificial mountain with beautiful fountains serving Iranian and international cuisines and a nice café, drawing the satisfaction of guests.
Surrounding Attractions:
Located in a well-positioned place in the city center, the hotel is in the vicinity of beach and big shopping centers such as the Morvarid department store, as well as tourist attractions including Harireh Ancient City, Kariz Underground City, Grand Pier, Diving Center, and Dolphinarium, making it a convenient place for visitors.
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