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Blue Mosque - Tabriz

MasjidKabood,Masjed Kabood,Kabood Mosque,مسجدکبود,Blue Mosque,Jahanshah Mosque,مسجد جهانشاه,kabod mosque,مسجد کبود تبریز,Kabood Mosque
As an ancient historical city, Tabriz, the capital of the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan, has many sights to offer to the tourists, the highlight of which is the Blue Mosque, known as Masjed-e Kabud in Farsi.
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East Azarbaijan

East Azerbaijan is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is located in Iranian Azerbaijan, bordering with Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Ardabil Province, West Azerbaijan Province, and Zanjan Province. ...
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Kabood Mosque

Related to Tabriz (in East Azerbaijan province)
This unique mosque in Tabriz is one of the great and best sample of Persian architecture for mosques. Still the locals pray and ceremonies held in this beautiful mosque. It is one of the worth visit sites ...


The capital of East Azerbaijan province, in the Azerbaijan region of Iran. It is a modern industrialized Iranian city with signs of civilization dating back 2,500 years. Tabriz was named by the Organization ...
Jahanshah Mosque - Tabriz
Masjid Kabood - Tabriz
Kabood Mosque - Tabriz
Kabood Mosque - Tabriz (East Azarbaijan)
Kabood Mosque - Tabriz
Masjid Kabood - Tabriz
Masjed-e-Kabood - Tabriz - Azerbaijan - IRAN
Kabood Mosque - Tabriz
Masjed-Kabood - Tabriz
Eil Goli (Shahgoli) park - Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)
Kabud Mosque - Tabriz
Kabood Mosque - Tabriz
Kandovan Village, Osku, East Azerbaijan Province
Masjed-e Kabud - Tabriz
Masjed Kabood - Tabriz
Masjed Kabood (Blue Mosque) - Tabriz
Goey Mosque - Tabriz
Masjed-e Kabood - Tabriz
Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan, this is the reality inferred from the experience of visitors who have been impressed by Iran’s beauties and amazing attractions.
Antiquity and richness of its culture and civilization, the variety of natural and geographical attractions, four - season climate, diverse cultural sites in addition to different tribes with different and fascinating traditions and customs have made Iran as a treasury of tangible and intangible heritage.
Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan!
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