Kabood Mosque

Masjed Kabood - Tabriz
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This unique mosque in Tabriz is one of the great and best sample of Persian architecture for mosques. Still the locals pray and ceremonies held in this beautiful mosque. It is one of the worth visit sites in Tabriz and also a world heritage site.
Kabood Mosque
is related to Tabriz city (East Azerbaijan Province)
Also known as: Blue Mosque, Masjed-e-Kabood (Farsi), Masjid Kabud
This unique mosque in Tabriz is one of the great and best sample of Persian architecture for mosques. Still the locals pray and ceremonies held in this beautiful mosque. It is one of the worth visit sites in Tabriz and also a world heritage site.
Masjed Kabood - Tabriz
Also known as Blue Mosque, Goey Mosque, Jahanshah Mosque (Azerbaijani: Göy məscid)
This structure is the remnants of the Turkamans in the year 870 AH. The mosque was destroyed by the earthquake in the year 1192 AH. and only the gateway remained as an excellent piece of architecture. The building of the mosque became under interest in 1310 AH. and in 1318-1319 Shamsi (1939-1940) and after the Islamic Revolution, its northern facade was reconstructed.

The Blue mosque of Tabriz was built upon the order of Jahan Shah the ruler of Kara Koyunlu dynasty which made Tabriz the capital of his Kingdom. His Kingdom covered major parts of modern Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. He was killed by Uzun Hassan (the ruler of Ak Koyunlu) and buried on the only parts of the mosque that survived.  The mausoleum was built in the southern section of the mosque and is entirely covered with high marble slabs on which verses from Quran are engraved in Thuluth script on a background of fine arabesques. The roof of the mausoleum and the main dome chamber of the mosque collapsed during an earthquake in 1780. The mosque was rebuilt in 1973. Reconstruction is performed by plans and supervision of Mohammad Reza Memaran Benam, a traditional architect from Tabriz, with authority of the Iranian Organization of Cultural Heritages.

Jahanshah Mosque is known as blue mosque due to Azure color of tiling on the entrance of Mosque. Unfortunately, Blue Mosque was widely damaged after 1780 earthquake. It seems that the building of the Blue Mosque is like a memorial of the triumphs of Jahanshah King , so that in this regard, the Fatah Sura ( literally means Victory) (Sura in Quran Book) is fully embroidered and decorated far above the Great Entrance of Shrine.
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Masjed Kabood - Tabriz
Masjed Kabood (Blue Mosque) - Tabriz
Masjed Kabood - Tabriz
Masjed Kabood - Tabriz
Masjed-e Kabood - Tabriz
Kabod Mosque - Tabriz
Masjed-Kabood - Tabriz
Blue Mosque - Tabriz
Kabood Mosque in Tabriz
Masjid-e-Kabood - Tabriz (East Azarbaijan)
Jahanshah Mosque - Tabriz
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