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Duogijan Cave

Related to Marand city (located in East Azerbaijan province)
Also known as: Dugijan Cave, Dogijan Cave
This cave is also of a stalagtite type in characteristic. The opening of the cave is about 3.5 m.
This cave lies west of Marand (near Dogijan Village) and one can gain access to it by car.
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غار دوگیجان,Dogijan Cave,Duogijan Cave,Dugijan
Dugijan Cave
غار دوگیجان,Dogijan Cave,Duogijan Cave,Dugijan
Dugijan Cave
غار دوگیجان,Dogijan Cave,Duogijan Cave,Dugijan
Dugijan Cave
غار دوگیجان,Dogijan Cave,Duogijan Cave,Dugijan
Dugijan Cave
غار دوگیجان,Dogijan Cave,Duogijan Cave,Dugijan
Dugijan Cave
Marand Attractions & Tourist Information
Marand is among major cities in East Azerbaijan province. It is located in the north-west of capital of the province Tabriz. Marand has been known by various names in history, such as Maryana, Mandagarana, and Maranda.
The Yam Ski Resort (Also known as Payam) is based on the foothill of the Mishodaghi Mount (Mishudaq or Mishodaghi Mountain) where lies between Tabriz and Marand ...
Category: Mountains
In this mountainous region the highest peak is 2,855 m. high, standing to the north of the Lake Orumieh and south of the plains of Marand. Its famous peaks are ...
Category: Mosques
Marand Jame Mosque most probably originally this mosque was a fire-temple in Sassanian era. Due to upheavals this fire-temple was converted into a church. After ...
This ancient fort is located on a high, stony hillock 26 km. north of Marand. To the east of this, huge stone slabs can be observed related to the periods before ...
Category: Fire Temples
The remnants of this Sassanian fire-temple is full of ashes which the inhabitants use as a fertilizer. It is located in Gray hill northeast of the city.
Covering an area of 84,000 hectares that is extending from the banks of Aras river and reaching a height of 3,347 m. in the mountains of Kiyamaki.
Ali-Sadr Cave (Kabudrahang)
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Alisadr is the world's largest water cave which attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is located in Ali Sadr Kabudar-ahang County about 100 kilometers north ...
Kalmakareh Cave (Pol-e-Dokhtar)
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Kalmakareh Cave is located 20km southwest of Pol Dokhtar in the western province of Lorestan. It is situated in a historical and ancient valley known as Darreh ...
Karafto Caves (Karaftou Historical Caves) is located in a castle by the same name between Divandareh and Saqez, 20 km. north of this route in Kurdestan Province. ...
Rood Afshan Cave (Damavand)
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Rood Afshan Cave (Roodafshan) is located in Rood Afshan Village of the Damavand township in the central Alborz Mountains (in Tehran Province). Inside the cave is ...
Chal Nakhjir Cave (Delijan)
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Chal-e-Nakhjir Cave located between Naraagh (city) and Delijan City is a limestone cave approximately 70 million years old. Parts of the cave including its internal ...
Shapur cave is located at the end of Chogan canyon in the four kilometer distance of Bishapur City near Kazerun town in Fars Province, the most important Sassanid ...
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