Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
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Dovecotes (Pigeon Towers)

in Isfahan city | Isfahan province
Tourist Attraction

Dovecotes (Pigeon Towers)

Related to Isfahan city (Isfahan Province)
Also known as: Kaboutar Khaneh, Kabootarkhaneh, Pigeon Tower
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Kaboutarkhaneh or Pigeon Towers) or such turrets are in plenty in the agricultural vicinities of Isfahan (Esfahan). These have been built with the purpose of collecting the excreta of these birds. The turrets are topped with domes with crevices so as to facilitate the access and exit of these birds, and guide them to their nests within this structure.

Pigeons could fly comfortably inside the towers. Their droppings, which contain considerable amounts of elements like nitrogen, were collected in the tower and then used for farmlands that used to be located around the pigeon towers. Nitrogen in pigeon droppings has an efficient role in the growth of plants and vegetables.

These are distinct examples of Iranian architecture and have been built of brick and gypsum. At present there are over 200 such dovecotes in Isfahan province.
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Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
Dovecotes (Pigeon Tower) - Isfahan
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