Eskandar Cave - Saeidabad near Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)
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Tourist Attraction

Eskandar Cave

in Tabriz city | East Azerbaijan province
Tourist Attraction

Eskandar Cave

Related to Tabriz city (East Azerbaijan Province) and Bostan Abad city
Also known as: Alexander's Cave, Saidabad Cave
Eskandar Cave - Saeidabad near Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)
Eskandar cave (Alexander Cave) is 30km from Tabriz in the village of Saeed Abad (Saeid-Abad). Access to which can be gained from the transit Tabriz-Tehran road. The walls of Eskandar cave have interesting stalagtites.

This cave consists of 7 halls only two of which are accessible due to falling of stones inside the cave. The cave's opening is about 5 meters wide and its inner walls have remarkable stalactites.

Saeedabad Village is located near Tabriz, and it is in Bostan Abad County, East Azerbaijan Province. It lies 16km from Tabriz and 22km from Bostan Abad, and contains many tourist attractions. Saeedabad Valley, which is a place for recreation, is located 2km from Tabriz-Tehran Transit Road.
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Eskandar Cave - Saeidabad near Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)
Eskandar Cave - Saeidabad near Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)
Eskandar Cave - Saeidabad near Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)
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