The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
Tourist Attraction

The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace)

in Shoosh (Susa) city | Khuzestan province
Tourist Attraction

The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace)

Related to Shoosh (Susa) city (Khuzestan Province)
Also known as: Ardeshir's Palace, Palace of Ardeshir II, Shaoor Palace
The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
The ancient city of Susa (Shoosh or Shush) has been one of the oldest civilization centers and one of the most famous cities in the world. It was the capital of Elamite dynasty for several thousand years old, as well as the Achaemenid Empire's winter capital.

The remnants of Shahoor Palace (built by Ardeshir II) is situated along the western banks of the Shahoor River (Shahur), opposite the mausoleum of the Prophet Danial (Danial-e Nabi). This palace has a square shaped hall with lateral installations. The columns or pillars are made of stone, and its walls are of sun baked bricks. This palace was constructed during Achaemenid Dynasty and in the reign of Ardeshir II, and was used as his residential palace as well as a seat of power.

The Shahoor's Palace is a magnificent hall with 64 columns and they are similar to the pillars of Apadana Palace, another attraction of Susa, but with the difference that it is shorter than the columns of Apadana Palace. Stone and clay are the materials used in this Palace. This palace has a square shaped hall with lateral installations.
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The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
The Shahoor's Palace (Ardeshir II Palace) - Shush
Shoosh (Susa) Attractions & Tourist Information
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