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Yazd Wonder Villages

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Yazd Wonder Villages

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Also known as: Yazd Villages, Villages in Yazd
TheProvince of Yazd is located in the deserts of Iran close to the Spice and Silk Roads. The historic city of Yazd bears witness to an exceptionally elaborate construction system in earthen architecture and the adaptation of the ways of living to hostile environment for several millennia. Yazd Province is an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement which is representative of the interaction of man and nature in a desert environment that results from the optimal use and clever management of the limited resources that are available in such an arid setting by the qanat system and the use of earth in constructing buildings with sunken courtyards and underground spaces.

Ancient villages in Yazd are a great tourist destination for those who seek an authentic, unique adventure. Below is a list of the most beautiful and fascinating villages of Yazd Province:

Saryazd is one of the magnificent historic villages in Iran’s central desert region village and located 6km North East of the city of Mehriz, 28km South West of Yazd city. Saryazd village is surrounded by a number of mountains on the north east and north west. With an altitude of 1380 meters above sea level the village has a hot and dry weather just like the whole region. Archeological researches conducted on the earthenware found at the area have provided proofs to the fact that this region has passed its most lively times during Saljuqid, Ilkhanid and Safavid eras. According to some historical evidence and what experts believe, before the city of Yazd came to existence, there had been an area near Saryazd village; it was named Farafar and fell into ruins after a period of drought.

Thanks to its natural and historical situation, green gardens and farms, aqueducts brimful of water, and numerous historical monuments, Saryazd village has many tourist attractions. Here mention can be made of the old Chapar-Khaneh or traditional post office dating back to the Sassanid era, Saryazd huge castle dating back to the Saljuqid and Safavid eras, Robat Kohne (old caravanserai) from the Saljuqid era, and Robat No (new caravanserai) from the Safavid era, remnants of Faramarz city gate which date back to the Sassanid era, the Jame’ mosque of Saryazd, its old texture and ancient cisterns.

Other villages in Yazd province:
Nosrat Abad, Arjanan, Bafroiyeh, Pagondeh, Turk Abad, Mirza Hakim, Ranjireh, Meymooneh, Rokn Abad, and Firooz Abad, are all the suburbs of Ardakan. Tarzjan, upper Khormiz, Dareh, lower Khormiz, Khoydak, Sar Yazd, Fahraj, Mohammad Abad, Medvar, Baqdad Abad, Ebrahim Abad, Nadooshan and Darband, these villages are the suburbs of Yazd. Nir, Sekhoyid, Roodbazan, Zayn Abad, Farashah, Baraq, Turam Posht, Deh Shir, Manich and Showaz in Taft. Beh Abad and Qatrum in Bafq., Mirak Abad and Sharif Meadows or pastures Mehreez.
Yazd Attractions & Tourist Information
The city of Yazd is located to the north of Ardestan, to the south of Taft in the east of Bafq and to the west of Esfahan province.
Amir Chakhmaq Shami and his wife, Seti Fatimeh built this square, in the 9th century AH. Hadji Qanbar Bazaar on the east side of the square was one of the buildings ...
Khan School in Yazd comprises of a large and a small school. The small school has been built by Mohammad Taqi Khan son of Mirza Mohammad Baqer Bafqi known as great ...
Category: Mosques
This magnificent building is graced with a tiled entrance portal (one of the tallest in Iran), flanked by two 48m-high minarets and adorned with inscriptions from ...
Dolatabad Garden in YAZD is regarded as one of the sites worth visiting due to its landscape and rich architectural pattern which exemplifies the diversity of Persian ...
Haj Kazem Rasoulian Qajari House was built under the order of late "Haj Mirza Kazem Rasoulian" by Master "Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Rahim" in 1904.
Category: Museums
Zoroastrians History and Culture Museum (Also known as Markar Museum) in Yazd is located close to Markar Square and the Varahram Fire Temple. This museum has exhibits ...
The village of Darak in Iran’s southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan province has one of the most beautiful coasts of the country and even the world.
Maymand Village (Shahr-e-Babak)
Category: Villages
Rocky Village of Meymand is a very ancient village which is located near Shahr-e Babak city in Kerman Province, Iran. Meymand is believed to be a primary human ...
Masuleh Village (Fooman)
Category: Villages
At least a millennium old, Masuleh is one of Iran’s most famous villages. Picture-postcard perfect, the earth-colored houses are stacked photogenically on top of ...
Khorbas Cave (Qeshm Island)
Category: Villages, Caves
In Qeshm Island's southeast you'll find this almost vertical limestone cliff pockmarked with caves. They are said to have sheltered local villagers seeking refuge ...
Aqda Village (Ardakan)
Category: Villages
Located near the Yazd-Isfahan Road and at the distance of 40 km. in the northwest of Ardakan, this beautiful village has the following historical edifices, Haj ...
Bazangan Village (Sarakhs)
Category: Villages
Bazangan village is situated in a plain area in the Sarakhs township and located 128 km. east of Mashad. The Bazangan Mountain is located 6 km. to the west and ...
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