Abdanan City

in Ilam province
Abdanan located in the south of ILAM province, Abdanan is 876 kilometers from Tehran enjoying a mild mountainous climate. This area has abundant mines including oil, sulfur and alum. Due to plenty of water resources, there are rich forests, pastures and fertile lands. The vestiges of an ancient civilization are scattered all around the region including the ruins of historical cities like Goorgabran and Krodit. This township holds many promenades worth seeing.

The city is of paramount importance regarding the army strategies and tactics due to strategic location on the border line between Iran and Iraq; one of country's Air Force bases is located at this city which has been considered as a strategic airport in the case of emergency situation. This airport is called Abdanan Airport (OICD) and can be used by air force for military purpose. Beautiful city in Zagros mountains.

Majority of the people in Abdanan speak in Southern Kurdish dialects, but some of residents speak in Laki, luri, and Arabic. The economy is based on agriculture and livestock also small industrial units are present.
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