Explore 7wonders of Hormuz
Iran's Rainbow Island in Persian Gulf

Explore 7wonders of Hormuz, Iran's Rainbow Island
Hormuz Island (also called Hormoz), is in the Strait of Hormuz (Strait of Hormoz) in the Persian Gulf. The small island is about 5 miles (8 km) from Bandar Abbas off the Iranian Coast in the Hormozgan Province.

Hormoz Island is an island of colors and wonders that comes out of the sea. The island boasts many spectacular landscapes from colorful landscapes to quaint architecture, each corner having a fascinating story to hear and a plan to see. It is interesting to know that soil of Hormuz can be seen in seventy colors. Edible soil of Hormuz Island is one of the wonders of this island.

This is not just an island, it is a land of wonders. An amazing Island with lots of natural wonders: mountains, cliffs, soil, mangrove jungles, cave, seashores, etc.

While the island is a favorite day trip from Bandar Abbas, it is best to take a few days to explore the island and soak in the traditional way of life. You can swim in the sea or set a camp on the beach and spend the night in a local house with really hospitable people.

Here Are The Most Popular Attractions in Hormuz Island, According To Travelers:

Valley of Sculptures, Valley of Imagination or Darreye Tandis-ha
Valley of the Statues Hormuz Statues Valley Tandis Valley Darreh-e Tandis-ha Darre-e Mojasameha Valley of Sculptures Valley of Imagination دره تندیسها دره مجسمه ها هرمز خلیج فارس جزیره هرمز تنگه هرمز هرمزگان hormozgan hormoz hormuz hormuzgan hormoz island hormuz island persian gulf tandis mojasameha tandis valley Valley of Sculptures
This stunningly beautiful natural site is called 'Valley of the Statues' (Valley of SculpturesValley of Imagination or Darreye Tandis-ha) because here tall rocks have been sculpted into strange shapes by the elements. With a bit of imagination you can see Many animal like Clifs such as a dragon, birds and mythical creatures. The site is located on a bluff that affords fantastic vistas of the coastline.
The reasons why Hormuz Island is nicknamed the Rainbow Island
Rainbow Valley Rainbow Mountain Rainbow Cave Darreh Rangin-kaman دره رنگین کمان جزیره هرمز خلیج فارس هرمزگان کوه رنگین کمان غار رنگین کمان خلیج فارس khalij fars persian gulf rainbow cave rainbow mountain hormuz hormoz island hormuzgan hormozgan
The entire of Hormoz Island is made of rainbow mountains and you can freely walk through most of the middle of it. But this spot is a good place to stop and check out all the colors. In close vicinity of Silence Valley, lies the mesmerizing valley of more than 70 shades of minerals, rendering the valley a  perfect subject of Geology studies.
The Fort of Our Lady of the Conception in Hormuz Island
The Fort of Our Lady of the Conception Ghale-ye Porteghaliha The Portuguese Castle on Hormuz Island Hormoz Portuguese Fort portugies castel پرتغال هرمزگان تنگه هرمز جزیره هرمز خلیج فارس قلعه پرتقالیها قلعه پرتغالیها persian gulf Portuguese Castle Portuguese Fort hormuz fort hormoz fort
This relic is one of the important vestiges from the times of the Portuguese and their domination on the coastal areas and islands of the Persian Gulf. The Fort of Our Lady of the Conception (Portuguese Castle) is located in north of this island. This structure was constructed in the year 1507 AD. on the orders of Alfonso de Albequrque the renounced Portuguese navigator.
Hormoz Caves The hole in the rock غاردریایی هرمز غارهای دریایی جزیره هرمز caves hormuz hormoz hourmoz hurmoz هرمزگان جزیره هرمز hormozgan persian gulf خلیج فارس
Hormuz Island is most famous for its imposing red soil. But, beware red is not all there is to Hormuz Island soil and its epic geological formations. As one takes on the coastal road around this spectacular island, colors of blue, purple, yellow, white, glittering gold and silver come flashing past your eyes on the  tranquil sand beaches, epic cliffs, mountains and caves: a natural archway in the rock. The beach here is nice and peaceful as well. The Red Beach is only one among Hormuz Island’s various rocky sand beaches with their mysterious sea caves.
where you will be definitely amazed by its beauty and great silence
Hormoz Crystal Cave Hormuz Salt Cave Salt Goddess Cave Elaaheye Namak غار الهه نمک فیروزه ای هرمز الهه نمک hormuz hormoz persian gulf hormuz island hormoz island خلیج فارس جزیره هرمز تنگه هرمز
To get to the natural areas of the silent valley in Hormuz, you have to walk a few hundred yards to enjoy the salt landscape in this valley, reach the rocky wall at the end of this path and enjoy its unique beauty. Be amazed Specific silence in this valley.
One of the most wondrous natural sites in Iran
Hormoz Red Beach Red Beach of Hormoz ساحل سرخ هرمز ساحل قرمز هرمز ساحل جزیره هرمز سواحل سرخ هرمز سواحل هرمز hormuz beach hormoz beach hormozgan persian gulf هرمزگان خلیج فارس hurmouz red beach hurmuz red beach
The Red Beach is only one among Hormuz Island’s various rocky sand beaches with their mysterious sea caves. Hormuz's red soil has a high economic value and exported it for several years in order to use in various industries such as dyeing, cosmetics, glass and ceramics, But exports have become more limited today because of the loss of this unique soil.

Salt Goddess Cave & Mountain

Hormoz Crystal Cave Hormuz Salt Cave Salt Goddess Cave Elaaheye Namak غار الهه نمک فیروزه ای هرمز الهه نمک hormuz hormoz persian gulf hormuz island hormoz island خلیج فارس جزیره هرمز تنگه هرمز
The southern swathe of Hormuz Island is covered with huge salt crystals. Among the main tourist attractions of the island, one can refer to the unsmooth surface of the earth caused by erosion over time. This has created some unique scenes.
The Goddess of Salt is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Hormuz Island. It is composed of a salt mountain with colourful textures, beautifully cut by nature over time. Underneath the mountain, a stream is flowing against an orange backdrop. The stream’s nice sound creates a pleasant feeling amid the heavy silence of the island.
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